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Blanche Hampton Editing

Contact Information: Blanche Hampton
ABN: 78 828 890 882
Address 6 Cuthbert Street, Queens Park NSW 2022
Email: blancheh@zip.com.au
Website: http://thewordco.co.uk/
Services Offered: Copy editing/ subediting, Plain English rewriting, academic editing, proofreading, structural editing, technical editing, picture research and project management.
Subject Specialities: Biography and history, medicine and biological sciences, engineering – all types, environment, politics/government and popular culture, social sciences and travel.
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Brookend Consulting

Contact Information: Rob Nethery
ABN: 70 946 880 549
77 Hariet Gully Rd, Armidale NSW 2350
Tel: (02) 6775 1285 Mob: 0427 701 389
Email: brookend8@aim.com
Services Offered: Copy editing and subediting, technical writing & editing, proofreading, design/DTP, will finish your job on schedule.
Subject Specialities: Biosciences, environment, EEO and OHS&E issues.
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Cummings, Katherine

Contact Information: CUMMINGS, Katherine Fiona
Address 27 Sublime Point Avenue, Tascott, NSW, 2250
Tel: (02) 4322 3418
Mob: 0409 817 186
Email: 1935katie@gmail.com
Services Offered: Editing, book design, proof reading, writing.
Subject Specialities: Very wide spread of interests and knowledge. Not skilled in statistics or mathematics and disinclined to work in the area of religion.
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Falkner, Tony

Contact Information: ABN: 92 598 282 606
Address 36 John Street, Petersham, NSW
Tel: (02) 9560 2636
Mob: 0417 008 071
Email: tfalkner9@gmail.com
Services Offered: Clear, concise and effective communications in all media. Copy editing, book manuscript editing and thorough proofreading; plain English editing and redrafting and rewriting; coaching writers in sentence structure and smooth narrative.
Subject Specialities: Proficient knowledge across a broad range of subjects, including Australian and international politics, sport, social science, arts, entertainment and history. Close contact with most publishing houses in Australia and several overseas, negotiating with editors, authors and publicists.
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Heath, Catherine AE

Contact Information: Dr Catherine Heath, Accredited Editor
ABN: 35 084 588 589
Tel: 02 4572 3318
Email: cheath@bigpond.net.au
Services Offered: Structural editing, copyediting and proofreading (onscreen and hard copy) of fiction and non-fiction for self-publication or submission to publishers and of academic works for publication or assessment; manuscript assessment and development; design brief; copyright permission, defamation, ISBN/ISSN and cataloguing-in-publication advice; plain English editing and copywriting for business and technical documents, research specialising in literature and history.
Subject Specialities: Literary and popular fiction (especially children’s, crime, fantasy, Gothic, historical, metafiction, science fiction, supernatural, suspense); Plain English writing and editing for scholarly, non-fiction, commercial and technical documents (background in autobiography, Celtic culture, chemistry, children’s books, English literature, financial services, history, insurance, law, life sciences, life writing, literary history, manuals, pharmacy, popular culture, Victorian literature and media).
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Singerman, Deborah

Contact Information: ABN: 43 774 402 803
PO Box 548 Newtown NSW 2042; 4/37 Oak Street, Ashfield, NSW 2131
+61 2 9716 9380; 0411 120 738
Email: dsingcbeat@ozemail.com.au

Services Offered: Structural and copy editing; proofreading; rewriting; project management; concept development and commissioning; website and print content curation, editing and writing; feature writing; product news; referencing; internet, print and picture research; interviews, profiles and statements; blogs, comments, tweets; book and film reviews.
Subject Specialities: Editorial consultation, content development and editing with new authors; built environment, creative, social justice and diversity blogs, comments, tweets and other social media; interviews; proofreading; photographer and artist profiles and statements
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