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Brookend Consulting

Contact Information: Rob Nethery
ABN: 70 946 880 549
77 Hariet Gully Rd, Armidale NSW 2350
Tel: (02) 6775 1285 Mob: 0427 701 389
Email: brookend8@aim.com
Services Offered: Copy editing and subediting, technical writing & editing, proofreading, design/DTP, will finish your job on schedule.
Subject Specialities: Biosciences, environment, EEO and OHS&E issues.
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Carrick, John

Contact Information: Carrick, John
ABN: 99 496 008 171
Address: 10/45 Kent Street, Epping NSW 2121
Tel: (02) 9868 2348
Mob: 0419 441 209
Email: john@carrickedit.com.au
Web: www.johncarrick.com
Services Offered: Clear, concise and effective communications in all media. Corporate writing and editing; copywriting;
book manuscript editing and proofreading; ghostwriting; speechwriting; plain English editing and redrafting; coaching authors to write better.
Subject Specialities: Achieving clarity in business communications and in books and other periodicals on art, architecture, sport, design, poetry, politics, humour, wine-making, history, ornithology, natural history, social science.
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Central Writing & Editing Services

Contact Information: Denise Holden
Accredited Editor
ABN: 18 792 434 635
PO Box 467 Cammeray NSW 2062
Tel: (02) 9904 3220
Email: dholden@writingcentral.com.au
Web: www.writingcentral.com.au
Services Offered: Full range of communication services for documents and web content. Structural and copy editing, proofreading, writing, plain English rewriting, technical writing/editing. Design and format suggestions.
Subject Specialities: Aboriginal art, archaeology, architecture and desing, biological sciences, business, content editing, corporate branding and identity, global affairs and government, grants, infrastructure, insurance, literature and literary history, manufacturing, mining, property, reports, research, tender bid documents, theses, thought leadership, transport, white papers
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Cummings, Katherine

Contact Information: CUMMINGS, Katherine Fiona
Address 27 Sublime Point Avenue, Tascott, NSW, 2250
Tel: (02) 4322 3418
Mob: 0409 817 186
Email: 1935katie@gmail.com
Services Offered: Editing, book design, proof reading, writing.
Subject Specialities: Very wide spread of interests and knowledge. Not skilled in statistics or mathematics and disinclined to work in the area of religion.
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Irish, Julie

Contact Information: Dr Julie Irish (Biotext Pty Ltd)
ABN: 17 088 074 846
Address PO Box 178 Deakin West ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6282 2280 Fax: (02) 6282 3734
Mob: 0431 934 728
Email: Julie.irish@biotext.com.au
Web: www.biotext.com.au
Services Offered: Biotext offers a full range of research, writing, editing, design and publishing services: original writing, technical writing, web writing, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing, graphic design, infographics, illustrations, print and digital publishing. We also offer training in science writing and editing.
Subject Specialities: Science, health, biomedical science, agriculture, environment, technical information
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Sieveking, Laura

Contact Information: Laura Sieveking Editing and Proofreading Services
ABN: 51 924 503 361
Address 11 Milburn Place, St Ives Chase, NSW 2075
Mob: 0434 279 808
Email: laurasieveking@gmail.com
Services Offered: Editing, copywriting, structural editing, proofreading, re-writing in plain English, indexing.
Subject Specialities: Many years of experience in writing and editing children’s and educational books, legal texts, student textbooks, annual reports, advertising materials, religious books, and prospectuses.
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