The branch meets every first Tuesday of the month at 6.30 pm for 7 pm at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts Level 1, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney (between Park and Bathurst streets, near the Town Hall train station.) Map located below. This venue is wheelchair accessible and has an ambulant bathroom.

Cost: $25 for members, $35 for non-members
, $15 concession available to those holding a current Centrelink or DVA concession card.

If you have speakers or topics you would like the branch to present, please contact

Bookings online or via email essential. Click the current meeting link below. Alternatively, contact the events manager at

Our July and December meetings are dinners and held at different venues and at a different cost.

Most speaker meetings are recorded and written up for the Editors NSW newsletter each month.

2019 Meetings calendar to date:

Tuesday, 5 February
Literary agents: what editors need to know
Presenter: Jane Novak

Full details:


Tuesday, 5 March
Technical editing
Presenter: Lyneve Rappell

Full details:


Tuesday, 2 April
Educational publishing
Presenter: Gurdish Gill from McGraw Hill Education

Full details:


2018 Meetings calendar to date:

Tuesday, 6 February

The benefits of the IPEd accreditation exam

Presenters: James Bean, Julie Ganner and Linda Nix

Full details:


Tuesday, 6 March

Editing romance fiction

Presenter: Annabel Blay, 2016 Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellow

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 3 April

Readability: what makes text unreadable

Presenter: Juliet Richters

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 1 May

The editor-author relationship

Presenter: Emily Banyard (Australian Society of Authors)

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 5 June


Presenter: Jenny Mosher

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 3 July

Annual winter dinner

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 7 August

Editors NSW AGM:


Tuesday, 2 September (Cancelled)

Australia Council for the Arts: grants for editors?

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 2 October

The juggling act of memoir editing and ghostwriting

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 6 November

The basics of copyright and copyright issues.

Full details and bookings:


Tuesday, 4 December

December dinner at the Kirribilli Flying Squadron

Full details and bookings: TBA


2017 Meetings calendar:

Tuesday, 7 February

A guide to the Australian manual of scientific style

Full details:


Tuesday, 7 March

An editor’s tale

Full details:


Tuesday, 4 April

How booksellers survived the death sentence

Full details:


Tuesday, 2 May

Macquarie Dictionary in 2017

Full details:


Tuesday, 6 June

Editors Networks

Full details:


Tuesday, 4 July

July dinner meeting

Full details:


Tuesday, 1 August

Annual General Meeting – Free

Full details:


Tuesday, 5 September

Editing in South Africa: where we are and where we are headed

Full details:


Tuesday, 3 October

Poetry editing and mentoring

Full details:


Tuesday, 7 November

An insight into the Residential Editorial Program (REP)

Full details:



2016 Meetings calendar

Tueday, 2 February

Evidence of hype – accuracy and clarity in science writing and editing

Full details:


Tuesday, 1 March

Society of Editors (NSW) Inc. AGM 2016

Full details:


Tuesday, 5 April

The Copy Collective presentation

Full details:


Tuesday, 3 May

An interview with Craig Munro, author of “Under Cover: Adventures in the Art of Editing”

Full details:


Tuesday, 7 June

A report from the Sydney Writers Festival

Full details:


Tuesday, 5 July

July dinner

Full details:


Tuesday, 2 August

Understanding insurance and risk management for editors

Full details:


Tuesday, 6 September

Contracting and evaluating an index

Full details:


Tuesday, 4 October

Viva Novella

Full details:


Tuesday, 2 November

Editing theses

Full details: