Editors’ Lunches


We are thrilled to announce the second regional editors’ lunch organised by an Editors NSW member.
It’s a great opportunity for members in the region (outside the confines of Sydney) to get together and share ideas over a relaxing meal.

The details are:

Friday 22 June
1.00 pm

Anchors Wharf
4-6 Bellingen Street
Urunga, NSW

If you would like to attend, please register your interest no later than Friday, 15 June on ednsw.events@iped-editors.org

We will email you to acknowledge your booking. Guests pay for their own meal and drinks on the day.

Susie Pilkington
office manager
events manager

How to host Editors’ lunches

We are calling on our members to become part of the editors’ lunches brigade. This is a simple way to be involved in presenting networking lunches to members in various areas and we hope you will take up the call.

The committee has calculated that if we have five or six members who will each agree to ‘host’ one lunch a year, this popular event will continue its success through 2018 and beyond.

The process is:

1. Offer to be a once-a-year lunch coordinator and attend your lunch as ‘host’

2. Pick a month that you know you free to help and check it is free on the calendar by contacting Susie Pilkington on ednsw.events@iped-editors.org

3. Pick a restaurant in your area (or elsewhere) that has reasonably priced fare and book a table for 10 people sometime in the third week of the month.

4. Send details of restaurant and a link to website/menu to Susie on ednsw.events@iped-editors.org and she will send out the invitation and take ‘bookings’.

5. A few days before the event, Susie will send you final numbers for you to confirm with the venue. We all turn up and have a wonderful time. Job done.

This system, we hope, will open up new locations for our lunches and involves little work to create successful events that will accessible to as many members as possible who are free during the day.

If you are willing to be a once-a-year lunch host, please let Susie Pilkington know.