Heath, Catherine AE

Contact Information: Dr Catherine Heath, Accredited Editor
ABN: 35 084 588 589
Tel: 02 4572 3318
Email: cheath@bigpond.net.au
Experience: Accredited Editor, freelance, with postgraduate qualifications in editing and publishing and experience in editing novels, children’s and YA fiction, life writing, poetry, non-fiction and academic writing, as well as commercial documents for national retail and business-to-business distribution by national corporate and small business clients in the financial services and retail sectors. Academic research and writing experience in the field of literature and literary history.
Qualifications: PhD (Sydney) in English Literature; IPEd-Accredited Editor since 2008; Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing (USQ); BA (Hons) (Sydney) majoring in English Literature and Celtic Studies, additional studies in history, pharmacy and science; Professional Member of the Society of Editors (NSW); Member of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (NSW).
Computer Capability: Platforms: Mac, iOS, PC; Software: Microsoft Office / Word, OS X Pages, iOS Pages, iOS art apps, Adobe CS3 / InDesign.
Services Offered: Structural editing, copyediting and proofreading (onscreen and hard copy) of fiction and non-fiction for self-publication or submission to publishers and of academic works for publication or assessment; manuscript assessment and development; design brief; copyright permission, defamation, ISBN/ISSN and cataloguing-in-publication advice; plain English editing and copywriting for business and technical documents, research specialising in literature and history.
Type of Material: Literary and popular fiction, children’s books, life writing and poetry. Commercial and technical documents for large corporations and small businesses (brochures, product disclosure statements (PDSs), manuals, newsletters, reports, online copy). Academic and general non-fiction (journal articles, books, bibliographies, conference papers, theses).
Subject Specialities: Literary and popular fiction (especially children’s, crime, fantasy, Gothic, historical, metafiction, science fiction, supernatural, suspense); Plain English writing and editing for scholarly, non-fiction, commercial and technical documents (background in autobiography, Celtic culture, chemistry, children’s books, English literature, financial services, history, insurance, law, life sciences, life writing, literary history, manuals, pharmacy, popular culture, Victorian literature and media).
Special Skills/Interests: Special interest in fiction, non-fiction and academic works relating to literature and history, particularly: Victorian, medieval and Celtic cultures; speculative and sensational fiction (crime, fantasy, Gothic, historical, metafiction, science fiction, supernatural, suspense); Regency, Victorian and Edwardian fiction; popular culture and media history; memoir, family and local history; children’s books and young adult fiction.
Special skills: editing business and technical documents, Plain English editing, scholarly writing and academic English, literary and historical research, illustration.
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