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Wallace, Paul

Contact Information: ABN: 60 067 678 375
Bundanoon, Nsw
Mob: 0427639675
Services Offered: copy editing, thesis editing, proofreading, image search, photography, typesetting, indexing
Subject Specialities: natural sciences, environment, history, finance, architecture, sociology, education
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Wendoloski, Lilla AE

Contact Information: Lilla Wendoloski, Accredited Editor
ABN: 44 704 828 564
Killara NSW 2071
Mob: 0403 873 370
Services Offered: Copy editing, plain English rewriting, legal research, project management, structural editing
Subject Specialities: Law, finance
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Wendy Monaghan Editing Services

Contact Information: Monaghan, Wendy AE
Accredited Editor 2011
ABN: 27 922 127 442
Blue Mountains NSW
Tel: 0413 574 417
Services Offered: Structural editing, copyediting, proofreading (hard copy or tracked changes onscreen), plain English re-writing, fact checking and picture searching.
Subject Specialities: A generalist with specialist experience in human rights and social justice, access and equity, community development, advocacy, immigration and refugee policy, multiculturalism, cultural diversity and intangible cultural heritage. I am also interested in politics, the environment, the media, health, women's issues, and the arts.
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Wilbow, Jenny

Contact Information: See MultiText Solutions
Services Offered:
Subject Specialities:
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Wilson, Gaye

Contact Information: Gryphonworks
ABN: 89 044 689139
46 Millers Road Cattai NSW 2756
Tel: (02) 4572 8878 Mob: 0414 260 605
Services Offered: Copy editing, plain English (re)writing, proofreading, technical editing, desktop publishing, thesis and dissertation editing and coaching, website editing. On-screen or paper editing/proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Egyptology (including hieroglyphs), anthropology, archaeology, history (prehistory, ancient, medieval, modern, military, business), animals, personal development, self help, personal and business coaching, teaching and learning, adventure, travel, business, military, needlework, leadership and management, youth.
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Winglark Pty Ltd

Contact Information: Janice McLeod
ABN: 37 050 105 694
PO Box 215, Gymea, NSW 2227
Tel: 0427 893 846
Services Offered: Plain English writing and editing, customised training courses in writing skills, legal and technical writing, proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Business documents, plain legal language, government and education.
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