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Sandford, Phil

Contact Information: ABN: 41 040 388 731
PO Box 9130 Harris Park NSW 2150
Tel: (02) 9635 9276 Mob: 0429 015 798
Services Offered: Copy editing, manuscript assessment and development, proofreading, plain English rewriting, structural editing, newsletter editing, non-fiction writing, conversion of academic theses into articles or books.
Subject Specialities: Health, mental health, social sciences, history, multicultural issues, music (including notation).
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Satori Communications

Contact Information: Dani Malone
ABN: 25 608 399 453
Address East Killara, NSW 2071
Tel: (0478768200)
Services Offered: Copy editing and copy writing; proofreading; website content management; book editing; manuscript assessment and restructure; commercial communications strategy; media planning; proactive and reactive communications writing for PR purposes; writing and editing for project management purposes; translating complex technical documents into user-friendly communications.
Subject Specialities: Niche publishing; change management; adult education; gender studies; technical, medical and pharmaceutical, travel and government policy.
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Sayers, Annette

Contact Information: (formerly Annette Carter)
ABN: 31 066 315 938
60 Innes Road, Manly Vale NSW 2093
Tel: (02) 9907 0671 Fax: (02) 9907 0578
Mob: 0400 670 671
Services Offered: Manuscript assessment and development; project management; structural and copy editing/subediting; researching and writing original text; adapting books for the Australian market; plain English rewriting; proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Anthropology, archaeology, biography, cookbooks, current affairs, dictionaries, gardening, health (including medical books), natural history, nutrition, self-help, travel.
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Scahill, Louise AE

Contact Information: See WordFix
Services Offered:
Subject Specialities:
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Shaw, Paul

Contact Information: ABN: 39 836 361 143
216 East Coraki Road, Coraki, NSW 2471
Tel: (02) 6683 2295 Mob: 0413 440 961
Services Offered: Editing, subediting, proof reading, writing, web development, publicity, photography.
Subject Specialities: General news, science, IT, environment, adult education, music.
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Sheppard, Anna

Contact Information: ABN: 8976 7408 481
Tel: (02) 9904 6281
Mob: 0417 202 810
Services Offered: Writing, structural and copy-editing, content writing and editing, plain English re-writing, proofreading,
Subject Specialities: History, natural history, sport, health and wellbeing, biography
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