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Natsis, Carol

Contact Information: ABN: 90 064 607 703
23 Park Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204
Tel: (02) 9569 2849 Mob: 0423 055 951
Fax: (02) 9560 4625
Services Offered: Full project management to final files, substantive and structural editing, copy-editing, copy-fitting, research, writing, rewriting, concept and manuscript development, proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Reference and lifestyle: computers, cooking, craft, DIY, gardening, history, health, nature, nostalgia, travel, general knowledge.
Educational/professional: communication, economics, education, foreign language (Modern Greek, French, Italian), linguistics, medicine, nursing, science, social sciences, writing.
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Newton, Helena

Contact Information: ABN: 25 449 841 241
Address: 30 Hunter Street
Georgetown NSW 2298
Tel: (02) 4968 0988
Mob: 0407 690 529
Services Offered: Structural (substantive) editing, copyediting, proofreading, plain-English rewriting, writing, fact-checking, manuscript assessment, manuscript styling, project management, Americanisation/Anglicisation
Subject Specialities: Children’s fiction and non-fiction, general fiction and non-fiction, primary and secondary education, art/craft, cookery, drama, environment, health and fitness, history
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Nichols, David

Contact Information: ABN: 39-074-660-012
Address: Nichols Creative Direction P/L, PO Box 1565, Rozelle, NSW 2039
Mob: 0424 780 198
Services Offered: Writing, copy-editing, sub-editing, proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Marketing/advertising, academic, motor sport.
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Nichols, Sandra

Contact Information: See EnviroDoc
Services Offered:
Subject Specialities:
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Nix, Linda AE

Contact Information: Editor: Linda Nix
(See Golden Orb Creative)
ABN: 57 737 397 443
PO Box 428, Armidale NSW 2350br>
Mob: 0417 041 744
Services Offered: Full range of editing services for print and online formats: development, structural, copyediting; manuscript assessment; proofreading; project management; production/typesetting for digital and print delivery; writing and copywriting; digital images and photography.
Subject Specialities: Law, business, OHS, history, general non-fiction, adult genre and literary fiction.
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Norberry, Deborah

Contact Information: Deborah Norberry
ABN: 67 785 500 591
135 Woronora Crescent, Como West NSW 2226
Tel: 02 9528 9761
Mob: 0401 189 385
Services Offered: * Full range of editing services (print and web), including:
– structural editing
– copy editing
– plain English rewriting
– proofreading
* Publication management
* Training
Subject Specialities: Education (primary/secondary/tertiary) and training, government, law, banking and finance.
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