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Jera Editing Services

Contact Information: Owen Kavanagh
ABN: 16 035 078 296
GPO Box 2607, Sydney, NSW 2001
Tel: (02) 8005.6963 Mob: 0418 440 151
Skype: Jeraediting
Services Offered: Copy editing, manuscript assessment, project management, proofreading, structural editing, technical editing.
Subject Specialities: Science, computers, education, aviation, business, environment, finance/economics, philosophy, politics/government, sport.
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Johnson, Glenn

Contact Information: Glenn Johnson
ABN: 96 975 057 931
PO Box 470 Roseville NSW 2069
Mob: 0412 171 002
Services Offered: Copy editing; structural editing; technical editing; proofreading; plain English rewriting.
Subject Specialities: Computers/IT; information security; engineering; physical sciences; social sciences; linguistics; philosophy/religion
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Johnston, Terry

Contact Information: Professional editor
ABN: 78 609 814 054
PO Box 2229, Rose Bay North, NSW 2030
Tel: (02) 9337 4126
Email: (enquiries); (document files)
Services Offered: Copy editing (most genres), manuscript assessment and development, structural editing, proofreading, project management, annual report writing and production, plain English rewriting, technical writing and editing, copywriting (advertising/PR), marketing advice. Indexing.
Subject Specialities: History, crime, government policy, marketing, science fantasy, small business operations, sport, travel, financial services, psychology, superannuation.
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