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Falkner, Tony

Contact Information: ABN: 92 598 282 606
Address 36 John Street, Petersham, NSW
Tel: (02) 9560 2636
Mob: 0417 008 071
Services Offered: Clear, concise and effective communications in all media. Copy editing, book manuscript editing and thorough proofreading; plain English editing and redrafting and rewriting; coaching writers in sentence structure and smooth narrative.
Subject Specialities: Proficient knowledge across a broad range of subjects, including Australian and international politics, sport, social science, arts, entertainment and history. Close contact with most publishing houses in Australia and several overseas, negotiating with editors, authors and publicists.
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Faulkner, Melissa

Contact Information: ABN 85 140 234 324
Mosman 2088
Mob: 0418 573 858
Services Offered: Copy editing, proofreading, structural editing, manuscript assessment, project management, design and layout checks, plain English rewriting, copywriting and writing.
Subject Specialities: Arts, business, education, financial management, health, human resources, general non-fiction, management, memoir, psychology, social sciences, travel. Proofreading experience with YA fiction titles.
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Fay, Kay

Contact Information: See Kay Fay Communication
Services Offered:
Subject Specialities:
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Fitzgerald, Terry AE

Contact Information: ABN: 31 118 499 227
PO Box K863 Haymarket NSW 1240
Mob: 0412 021 412
Services Offered: Editing and preparation of journal articles, theses, reports, etc.
Subject Specialities: Education, Social Sciences, Engineering
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Ford, Alan

Contact Information: See Alan Ford Edits
Services Offered:
Subject Specialities:
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Ford, Martin

Contact Information: ABN: 37 671 891 050
Address PO Box 370, Pyrmont, 2009
Tel: (02) 9518 7074
Mob: 0425 317 083
Services Offered: Manuscript development; content editing, structural editing and rewriting for all online and print projects; writing educational material; copywriting; editing for English language proficiency; plain English editing.
Subject Specialities: Sport, language and literacy, art, literature, politics, current affairs.
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