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Contact Information: Nichols, Sandra
ABN: 40 721 972 051
84A Genevieve Rd Bullaburra NSW 2784. Tel: 02 4759 1256
Email: envirodoc@ozemail.com.au
Services Offered: Technical writing and editing, copy editing, manuscript assessment and development; plain English rewriting; project management; proofreading; structural editing.
Subject Specialities: Environmental/ town planning, environment, physical and biological sciences.
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Natsis, Carol

Contact Information: ABN: 90 064 607 703
23 Park Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204
Tel: (02) 9569 2849 Mob: 0423 055 951
Fax: (02) 9560 4625
Email: canatsis@optusnet.com.au
Services Offered: Full project management to final files, substantive and structural editing, copy-editing, copy-fitting, research, writing, rewriting, concept and manuscript development, proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Reference and lifestyle: computers, cooking, craft, DIY, gardening, history, health, nature, nostalgia, travel, general knowledge.
Educational/professional: communication, economics, education, foreign language (Modern Greek, French, Italian), linguistics, medicine, nursing, science, social sciences, writing.
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NT Writing & Editing

Contact Information: Nicholas Turner, Accredited Editor
ABN: 59 473 953 478
Address: 304/105 Campbell St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tel: (02) 9211 2178
Mob: 0422 242 752
Email: nick@ntwriting.com.au
Web: www.ntwriting.com.au
Services Offered: Copyediting, structural editing, plain English rewriting, proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Politics/government, international relations, social sciences, foreign languages (French, Polish, Russian, Mandarin, Vietnamese), history, music.
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Wilson, Gaye

Contact Information: Gryphonworks
ABN: 89 044 689139
46 Millers Road Cattai NSW 2756
Tel: (02) 4572 8878 Mob: 0414 260 605
Email: gryphon@people.net.au
Website: www.Gryphonworks.com
Services Offered: Copy editing, plain English (re)writing, proofreading, technical editing, desktop publishing, thesis and dissertation editing and coaching, website editing. On-screen or paper editing/proofreading.
Subject Specialities: Egyptology (including hieroglyphs), anthropology, archaeology, history (prehistory, ancient, medieval, modern, military, business), animals, personal development, self help, personal and business coaching, teaching and learning, adventure, travel, business, military, needlework, leadership and management, youth.
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