General Contact Details

Membership inquiries
Nicole Mathers,

Finding an editor
Melanie Sheridan,

Editors NSW events
Susie Pilkington,


NSW Branch Contact Details

Julie Ganner
For any committee governance inquiries.

Robert Rowe
In the absence of the president, chairs general and committee meetings and assumes duties of the president.

Sally Asnicar
General governance of the branch. Maintains the records of the branch, takes minutes of committee meetings and distributes them to committee members. Drafts, sends and receives branch correspondence.

Budget officer
Russell Noakes
Prepares and oversees the branch budget, and authorises branch expenditure.

Blue Pencil Editor
Elisabeth Thomas,
Edits and manages the production of the branch newsletter. Accepts article submissions and inquires related to the newsletter.

Professional Development Coordinator
Robert Rowe,
Arranges and schedules workshops and training and replies to inquiries.

Meetings Coordinator
Arranges and schedules speakers for the monthly meetings and manages inquiries and logistics.

Member liaison officer
Katrina Gibson,
Extends a welcome to new members to the NSW branch and replies to inquires from new members.

Mentoring Coordinator (NSW)
Shannon Kelly,
Manages the national mentoring program.

Website Coordinator
Christopher Cowan,
Manages and updates content on the Editors NSW website.


National Office Contact Details


National Membership Inquiries,

General and Governance Inquiries,

Financial Officer,

Communications Officer,

NSW Branch Director,

NSW Accreditation Board Representative,