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    Click here to search the IPEd Editors Directory to find a freelance editor with the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience for your assignment. To search for NSW editors go to the ‘State’ search field and select ‘NSW’ from the drop down menu.

    When searching through the directory, you are encouraged to use the search function which allows you to search for an editor based on specific criteria.

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    2019 Events Calendar

    5 February meeting: Literary agents: what editors need to know. Presenter Jane Novak. Bookings open Click here to book February meeting

    20 February workshop: The art of manuscript assessment. Presenter Kaaren Sutcliffe. Bookings open Click here to see bookings page

    28 February editors’ lunch: an informal daytime gathering for editors. For details Click here

    5 March meeting: Technical editing. Presenter Lyneve Rappell. Bookings open Click here to book March meeting

    2 April meeting: Educational publishing. Presenter Gurdish Gill (McGraw-Hill). Bookings open Click here to book April meeting

    7 May meeting: Australian Style. Presenter Adam Smith (Macquarie University). Bookings open Click here to book May meeting

    4 June meeting: Copyright and IP. Presenter Olivia Lanchester (Australian Society of Authors). Bookings open  Click here to book June meeting

    19 June workshop: Grammar and punctuation. Presenter Tony Spencer-Smith. Bookings open Click here to see bookings page

    2 July: Winter dinner at Diethnes

    6 August meeting: Editors NSW Annual Branch Meeting

    16 October workshop: Intermediate to advance Word. Presenter Denise Tsagaris. Booking link will be loaded here soon.

    For any further information contact:

    As events are open for bookings, you will find details listed under the Events tab at the top of the home page.