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    2020 Events Calendar

    4 February meeting: Memoir from both sides of the fence – editor and author. Presenter Jacqueline Kent.

    3 March meeting: IPEd accreditation exam: an overview of the benefits and process. Presenters Linda Nix AE, Chair of the IPEd accreditation board and James Bean AE, presenter of the  accreditation preparation workshop (see below).

    7 April meeting: Health and medical writing and editing: opportunities and pitfalls. Presenter Mark Ragg.

    5 May meeting: News – good, bad, fake? What corpora can tell us about language usage. Presenter Claudia McQuillan.

    2 June meeting: Editor as historian. Cathy Perkins will talk about her editorial work at the State Library of NSW

    4 August meeting: Editors NSW Annual Branch Meeting presented by president Julie Ganner.

    1 September meeting: An overview of the Australian manual of scientific style presented by Andina Faragher of Biotext, publisher of AMOSS.

    6 October meeting: Unconscious bias and blind spots in editing. Presented by Radhiah Chowdhury, Penguin Random House.

    3 November meeting: Fiction editing. Presented by Catherine Hill and Nicola O’Shea

    1 December meeting: December dinner. Venue TBA. A gathering of colleagues over dinner and drinks.

    5 December: Accreditation Exam. Find information and details on http://iped-editors.org/Accreditation/accreditation_exam.aspx

    Other events will be loaded as they are confirmed.

    For any further information contact:

    As events are open for bookings, you will find details listed under the Events tab at the top of the home page.